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πŸ“š Guides to Getting Published Insights from Emerald Publishing

Hello Sobat Pustaka,

We are thrilled to invite you to an enriching session titled “Guides to Getting Published Insights from Emerald Publishing.” This event promises valuable insights into the world of publication, featuring a Publication Q & A and sharing of insights on publication tips and surviving the peer-review process.

πŸ—“οΈ Date: November 23, 2023 (Thursday)
πŸ•’ Time: 01:30 PM – 03:30 PM

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Speaker:
Irwan Sukardi
Business Manager, Emerald Publishing

🌐 Platform:
Zoom Meeting
πŸ”— Registration Link: https://bit.ly/ggpum

πŸ“š Topics Covered:

  • Publication Q & A
  • Insights sharing on publication tips
  • Surviving the peer-review process

This session is a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from a seasoned professional in the publishing industry. Whether you’re a researcher, student, or anyone interested in the publishing world, this event is tailored for you.

πŸ“Œ Mark your calendar and secure your spot!
πŸ”— Registration Link: https://bit.ly/ggpum

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