Pengembangan Bahan Ajar IPS Terpadu dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berpikir Pemecahan Masalah Sosial bagi Siswa SMP/MTs


Sunaryanto, Suparti, Sayekti, Y., Suwarno,T. 2008. Development of Material Social Studies Integrated SMP/MTs to increase student thinking skill in problem solving for Students SMP/MTs . Penelitian Hibah Bersaing 2008/2009

Based on the KTSP socialization (Dirjen PMPTK , 2007), the instructional of sosial studiesis supposed to be conducted integrative. The instructional of social studies is could not be postponed, and urgently need to be socialized in accordance with the implementation Department of National Education policy. The fact shows that the implementation of instructional Social studies in Junior High School meet a lot of problem, most ofthe problem occurs because the Junior High School in Indonesia has not apply the integrated instructional Social studies yet according to the rules and concepts which is stated by the Department ofNational Education.

One of the solutions to anticipate the implementation of the ideal instructional sosial studies is to apply the integrative instructional Social studies along with development of material study in focus problem solving. By applying this instruction the student is taught to get used to practice solving the problem by constructing their own experience. The implementation is suitable with the aim of instructional of Social studies that is producing students whom has the ability to solving the social problem and possessing the social behavior.

The goal of the first year research is to proceduce integrated social studies material of SMP/MTs. The goal of the second year research will be try out of integrated sosial studies material developed in the first year in the real teaching in order to proceduce teaching material that can be implemented in SMP/MTs Malang according to the school environment.

In the program of developing integrated social studies material in SMP/MTs, the researchers apply Dick W & Corey L development model. The research population is social studies teachers in state and private SMPIMTs in Malang into come from 35 sclools, they are 12 teachers who active in MGMP activities. Data was callected by interview documentation, observation and questionare. Data is analyzed by using quantitative descriptive analysis.

In the firs year, the research has produced integrated social studies material of SMP/MTs for class VII, VIII and IX, consisting of 6 themes, and it has beer validates by experts of P4 TK PKn and IPS along with lecture of PPS UM. The integrated social studies material of SMP/MTs is produced by workshop activities.

Based on the research result the researchers suggest: I) integrated social studies material that has been developed should be implemented in school to increase thinking skill, and problem solving skill of SMP/MTs student social problem, 2) MGMP IPS SMP/MTs is a potential organization honce it needs to increase its effort to integrated social studies teaching model.

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